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Salon Walk-in Traffic


Well Designed Signs for Walk-ins

Traffic is important for your salon, make sure you have proper signage to designate your location to those who could possibly walk-in.

Foot traffic: not just the pedestrian equivalent of rush hour, but the presence of customers in and around your business. Having customers physically in your store is, obviously, key to the success of your business. Higher foot traffic usually means higher sales.


When creating signage, you want to make sure your customer can do three things: 

  • See it

  • Read it

  • Do it

See it: In order for your signage to do any good it needs to stand out. Look for obvious placement and bright colors. Read it: Your sign needs to be large and legible enough to read in a matter of seconds while driving by. Use easy-to-read fonts and avoid using too many words. Do it: Your message needs to be convincing enough to get those people to turn their cars into your parking lot and walk into your store. They will at the very least, remember you for next time. Follow these steps and your signage should help bring people in and give you a chance to bring in additional revenue.